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While Dr. Venekamp offers a variety of treatment options, you can be sure that every visit to Fort Collins Chiropractic will be specialized to treats your needs on that day. Dr. Venekamp works to ensure that every patient receives quality treatments and are not stuck in unending treatment programs.

Initial Consultation & Examination -- Dr. Venekamp will thoroughly go over your medical history with you in order to create a complete plan.

Chiropractic Adjustment -- Dr. Venekamp uses a variety of chiropractic techniques that are gentle and effective. You can expect a combination of manual manipulation, chiropractic tools, muscle testing, and attention to your body's entire story when you come in for an adjustment at Fort Collins Chiropractic.

Digital X-Ray -- Dr. Venekamp has digital X-ray facilities on site, so if needed, he can incorporate that into your visit with no wait time needed.

Weight Loss & Nutritional Consultation -- With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Venekamp is an expert in nutritional insight and understanding. He has helped many people feel better through nutrition and weight loss as part of their whole-body health and care.

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Ready to detox & lose weight?

Thinfinity® Weight Loss
& Detox

Thinfinity® Weight Loss & Detox is the doctor's choice for all-natural, hormone free weight loss.


Our patients can expect to lose an average of 0.5 - 2.0 pounds per day during this protocol. We offer 3-week and 6-week packages. 

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