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Weight Loss & Detox

Thinfinity® Weight Loss & Detox is Dr. Venekamp's top choice when it comes to all-natural, healthy & efficient weight loss and detox. Fort Collins Chiropractic has been offering Thinfinity® products to our patients since 2015 and we still think it's the very best way to easily lose weight... which is a gateway to better health for a number of our patients.

Thinfinity® Products


6-Week Thinfinity® Kit

Everything you need for a 40 day weight loss protocol, in which time, most people lose 20-30 pounds. 

Complete with:

  • 3 bottles of Thinfinity® Metabolic Drops

  • 1 bottle of Thinfinity® Candida Cleanse

  • 1 bottle of Thinfinity® Stabilizing Drops

  • Thinfinity® Protocol Guide

  • Thinfinity® Journal to track progress

  • Thinfinity® Recipe Book

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