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Dr. Venekamp now offers The Complete Thinfinity Program: a weight loss experience consisting of the Thinfinity Weight Loss Program and Thinfinity Body Scaping.

What does the Thinfinity Weight Loss Program consist of? The Thinfinity Weight Loss Program consists of 3 unique products designed to help you lose weight incredibly fast while resetting your hypothalamus, which is the piece of your brain that controls your normal weight, hunger, and metabolism.

1. Thinfinity Metabolic Drops Designed to work with your brain to target adipose fat, Thinfinity Metabolic Drops cause you to consume between 2,000 and 2,500 calories each day resulting in an average of .5 to 2 pounds lost each day. Thinfinity Metabolic Drops are NOT an appetite suppressant, but instead more of an appetite director. They simply tell you brain to go consume a high amount of fat from your body's stored nutrition. This is also a very effective way to clean out and revitalize your liver, kidneys, and glands that work really hard to process the American diet.

2. Thinfinity Yeast Redux Thinfinity Yeast Redux was created to kill Candida Overgrowth that is caused by a poor diet or by a round of antibiotics. When the gut flora gets out of balance (from 90% good bacteria with 10% yeast to exactly the opposite), Candida can become overgrown and cause all sorts of problems like exhaustion, brain fog, joint pain, and many other problems including prolonged weight loss stalls. Yeast Redux kills Candida, raising your overall level of health, and enabling Thinfinity Metabolic Drops to be as effective as possible.

3.  Thinfinity Stabilize Drops Designed to be helpful during the Stabilize Phase of the Thinfinity Protocol, the Stabilize Drops help to keep sugar cravings away and helps your brain reset its’ new normal, all while giving your body much needed nutrients. The Stabilize Drops are a key component in transitioning back into normal eating after the intensity of low calorie eating in the Alpha Stage of the Thinfinity Protocol.

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  • "Dr. V is so good that we have been coming to his practice from Denver since he started here. He is trustworthy and honest! He has fixed bulging discs, displaced atlas, and so many other injuries. He is worth the 150 mile round trip we make to see him"
    Carrie L. / Fort Collins, CO

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