Remember our block party at the end of August? Who Won the $100 Cash Prize?!

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We not only had a blast coming together with patients, family, and friends; we also kicked off an exciting weight loss challenge - THIN TO WIN! On average during the first seven days, participants lost six to seven pounds, started feeling more energetic, clothing loosed, and brain fog lifted. Participants were entered into a drawing to win $100 cash prize.

Thinfinity Diet Protocol

The challenge of the dieter has always been not just losing fat -- but specifically, losing adipose fat. How does a person gain direct access to the adipose, or "abnormal," fat, where the body stores up a nice supply of nutrition, but also loads of toxicity? Wouldn't it be great to by-pass the other two sources of fat in the body -- the dermal fat (fat just under the skin) and the structural fat (fat in places where we need crucial padding)-- and go directly to the adipose fat?! Thinfinity Metabolic Drops have been designed to help meet this challenge! When a person partakes of the Thinfinity diet, accompanied with Thinfinity Metabolic Drops, he or she will experience what we at Thinfinity feel are the safest, fastest, healthiest, and most optimal hormone-free weight loss results available.

Depending on your weight loss goals, set with Dr. Venekamp, you will be able to purchase an individualized Thinfinity Weight Loss Program. Programs are typically 23 or 40 days in length, but will be determined between you and Dr. Venekamp during your free consultation.

"I used to use Skinny Up!, is Thinfinity the same thing?"

Thinfinity is made by the makers of Skinny Up!, but is so much more! As Skinny Up! began selling their products online to individuals, they created an amped up, upgraded formula of their Skinny Up! Reduce which is what we have in Thinfinity Metabolic Drops. Thinfinity Metabolic Drops take the success of Skinny Up! Reduce and add ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin, and other ingredients to make this the most effective, all natural, and hormone free weight loss option on the market. More energy, more weight loss... sounds pretty great, huh? We're pretty excited!

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Meet Lisa, who lost over 21 pounds using Thinfinity

Meet Leann, who lost 10 pounds in 10 days using Thinfinity

Meet Laura, who lost 36 pounds using Thinfinity

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