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Sam's Auto Accident Story.... 

Samantha A. entered auto accident care at FCCO in Aug of 2018. She was experiencing pain and found it uncomfortable to be at her work computer, as if she was carrying a weight on her shoulders. Numbness around parts of the face was also an issue. Shortly after the accident, her planned trip overseas was dampened by poor sleep, dizziness, concussion-feeling, foggy and feeling irritable. After dedicating time to many chiropractic and massage treatments, Sam says she headaches are gone, and she feels energized after massage. She is still sometimes uncomfortable at the desk, but overall fine. “Massages helped the most that I felt,” Sam told us. “Massage makes me want to do more yoga and stretching.” Numbness is also much less frequent. And her pain dropped significantly. She continues with PT and stretches on her own to promote the best in her health and daily activities. -February 2019

Kelli's Auto Accident Story.... 

Watch the 3 minute video here. - January 2019

Ronda's Auto Accident Story... 

Earlier this year, I had an accident and hurt my shoulder. Was sitting in the passenger seat and leaning over when we got in the accident so the seat belt stopped my shoulder. I didn’t realize I had gotten hurt that bad. I couldn’t even reach behind my back or over my head to do my hair. Started seeing Dr. Venekamp for treatments and doing massage therapy. I noticed my range of motion increasing first, and then it wasn’t as sore. Also, the more massages I got, the better it got. I can reach way up and behind my back. I’m walking without pain; I can pretty much to anything I want without pain. I want to do some hiking with my niece and walking some more. And more traveling, photography. -May 2017

Watch Ronda's story here!

Roman's Story...

I had a wrestling injury prior to chiropractic- I've been coming to chiropractic 6-7 years. At the time, I was having breathing issues, pain and had x-rays taken. Then I went through 6 months of Chiropractic treatment. Dr. Venekamp helped a lot and I really didn’t have to be on any pain meds. I'm not taking any meds now either. An adjustment is healthy to come in to rejuvenate and when out of alignment. Going forward, I want to stay active in sports, family and my job. -April 2017

Watch Roman's story here!

Kirk and Esther...

We've been under chiropractic care for 20+ years, since about ’96 when Dr. Kenna Venekamp was in Hot Springs, SD. (Esther): while playing baseball, my knee buckled. I saw Dr. Kenna who referred me to an Orthopedic Dr. for a torn ACL. Then both our kids started going to Dr. Kenna too. (Kirk): I was in construction and just so much stress on the body from that work and then falling off a roof. Dr. Kenna fixed my shoulder- both of them. (Esther): After Kenna left Hot Springs, Kirk did try other Chiro care but got to where he almost couldn’t walk because they couldn’t adjust his hips like Dr. Kenna

(Kirk) We decided to travel to Fort Collins to see Dr. Kenna again. If I hadn’t come, I would be disabled by now. (Esther): if he hadn’t been adjusted, Kirk would have had to have surgery and more than likely wouldn’t be working today. We can’t say enough praise of Kenna saving our health. We’d like him to come to Hot Springs again for a couple days every so often. -Sept 2016


I've sen Dr. Kenna Venekamp1 ½- 2years. My wife had been coming and was doing SkinnyUp health stuff through the office. I came because of my back- for six months, I couldn’t stand straight or walk right and getting in shape was hard. I had gone to a Doctor for a physical and walked out with 2-3 prescriptions for Heartburn, etc. I also had GI issues. Dr. Kenna totally fixed my back thing. We tried several things then tried SkinnyUp [product created by Ft. Collins Chiropractic]. Almost immediately, I had no heartburn, I lost weight. My lifestyle and diet changes helped me feel great again. I keep coming to Dr. Kenna- he adjusts my back [which] makes my hip feel better. My goal is for my family; to raise God-fearing kids and do some traveling with them. -Sept 2016

Other testimonials...

"Years ago I was hit by a reckless driver. 3 discs in my neck shattered. The x-rays and MRI showed pieces of it scattered and my neck was sitting bone on bone at 3 levels. I cannot express in words the pain I was in for years. Two nationally recognized surgeons suggested I undergo surgery right away but I delayed because even the most advanced procedures performed successfully would eventually stress the other discs above and below the 3 repaired in time. Dr. Kenna Venekamp at Fort Collins Chiropractic healed my neck and helped repair and restore my discs. I know it is hard to believe but for the first time since the grave injury I am able to be pain free and even athletically active. If you have chronic headaches, injuries, other pain or even unexplained issues...don't wait as long as I did for a visit. Dr. Kenna Venekamp is AMAZING!"

"Thank you for fixing my shoulder! For 40 years I have barely been able to move my shoulder. It has dislocated easily with even moderate movement, and always been accompanied by sharp pain. After one Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) treatment it is now almost normal with full range of motion; I can even swing it above my head. After 40 years of grief it’s a great relief. Rarely does one encounter a technique that fulfills the promise of chiropractic to relieve human suffering and restore health by the use of the hands only. A great gift!"

“I’ve had basically one life-long migraine headache since the age of seven. I was prescribed many medications attempting to treat the migraines. Without any success, I regularly ended up in the ER to receive injections for the pain. After experiencing Dr. Venekamp’s treatments, the headaches are gone and have not returned. Dr. Venekamp made it seem simple what others had made complex…thanks for a headache-free life!”

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  • "Dr. V is so good that we have been coming to his practice from Denver since he started here. He is trustworthy and honest! He has fixed bulging discs, displaced atlas, and so many other injuries. He is worth the 150 mile round trip we make to see him"
    Carrie L. / Fort Collins, CO

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