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Fort Collins Chiropractic has been serving residents of Northern Colorado for over 50 years. In 2002, Dr. Kenna Venekamp, DC bought Fort Collins Chiropractic from Dr. Maurice Tihart and has continued the legacy of healing and promoting a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Venekamp is passionate about offering the very best care possible to each individual patient. His techniques include:
  • Manual manipulation -- Probably what most people think of when they envision chiropractic care.
  • Arthrostim -- A method for a more light touch type of adjustment, gently making movements for impactful results.
  • Percussion -- to help rehabilitate and work muscles, ensuring they work and respond properly. Percussion is also used for relaxation.
  • Nutritional Response Muscle Testing -- It is vital that each patient is aware of how different nutrients effect their wellbeing. Dr. Venekamp works to make sure that each individual is aware and educated on how their bodies work and respond to their lifestyle.
  • Addressing the physical/emotional relationship -- Stress, trauma, and just plain life impacts our physical experience. Dr. Venekamp takes these factors into consideration to offer the best, most individualized care possible.
  • Digital X-Ray -- In order to see exactly what is going on or progress that has been made, Dr. Venekamp utilizes digital X-ray to showcase the body in real-time.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. V is so good that we have been coming to his practice from Denver since he started here. He is trustworthy and honest! He has fixed bulging discs, displaced atlas, and so many other injuries. He is worth the 150 mile round trip we make to see him"
    Carrie L. / Fort Collins, CO

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